Water Filtration with UV 2,700 litres per hour # PRICE R

BB UV 20-2720-2 [3] Filtration & UV Steriliser
A Combination of  Filtration and Ultra
violet steriliser units are neatly installed on a
water supply feeding a home or a large kitchen.
Each unit is supplied assembled and includes
an electrical control panel.
The BBUV20-2720 utilises one or two 20” BB
sediment filters, a 20” BB Carbon filter and a
stainless steel UV steriliser
The BBUV20-2720 will remove sediment,
chlorine, taste, odour and 99% of bacteria,
mould spores and most viruses.
The BBUV20-2720 is suitable for medium sized
homes or large kitchens and is rated for a
maximum through flow of 2700lts/hr.

BBUV20-2720 units require a 220V power supply.

Price inclusive

E & EO

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