Sea Water Desalination 320 litres per hour # PRICE R152,950.00

Desal 2540HFrame: Stainless steel epoxy coated.
• Pre filtration: 20 and 5 micron pre filters for the removal of suspended solids.
Activated carbon block for the removal of chlorine.
• Anti-Scaling dosing: dosing pump for AQMSW membrane anti-scaling chemical
• Feed Pump: Full bronze or plastic centrifugal type
• Fresh Water Flush pump: Full bronze or plastic, centrifugal type flush pump.
• High pressure pump: 316 SS piston pump and motor combination. (2.2kW)
• Pressure Vessels: Memshell 1000psi FRP pressure vessels.
• Membranes:

6 x Filmtec Membranes SW30 2540.
• Pressure gauges: inlet and outlet pressure on pre-filters, system operating pressure,
low pressure switch for monitoring of inlet pressure and high pressure switch for
monitoring of system over pressure.
• Flow meter: permeate
• Conductivity measurement: permeate measurement with over limit set point.
• Electrical controls: OS3020 Microprocessor for system automation and water
quality management.

Price inclusive

E & EO