Reverse Osmosis 5 Stage 45 litres per hour # PRICE R

RO 1165 stage Reverse Osmosis units are
neatly installed under the kitchen counter and
attached to the cold water supply. Each unit
comes with a

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separate, chrome faucet that is
fitted on top of the counter, next to your sink
or prep-bowl.
The RO-116 unit utilises two sediment filters, a
carbon block filter, a high flow spiral wound
membrane and a feed pressure pump. These
units are direct flow and do not require a
pressure storage tank making them ideal for
applications where under counter space is
limited and a higher demand for fresh water
is necessary.
RO-116 units are suitable for areas whereultra-pure water is required and it is desirable to lower the Total dissolved solids found in slightly brackish water supplies. Suitable for areas with low feed pressure.
RO-116 units require a 220V power supply