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Water from Air Generator – 50 litres per day

R29,990.00 R27,340.00

Product Description

• Atmospheric water, no need for water supply
• Multi-functional, purifies and dehumidifies
• Multi-layer filtration system:
Carbon, reverse osmosis, mineral and ionizer
• Automatic water circulation, fresh water provider
• Timed sterilisation, water quality protected
• Intelligence and humanization
• Plug and play, simple and convenient


Capacity: 50 Litres/Day
Water Type: Cold Water
Water-making Control: Computer LED touch screen
Filter system: Reverse Osmosis system
Rated voltage: 220V-240V
Rated frequency: 50Hz

Water-making current: 5.5A
Refrigerant Gas: R410a
Refrigerant volume: 420g

Operating Temperature: 15·C~43·C
Humidity: > 25%
Water tank volume: 19 litres

Water-making power: 1100W
Total power: 1200W
Water-proof rate: IPXO
Net weight: 49Kg

Dimension (W x B x H): 400mm x 473mm x 920mm

Usage: Home Use or light Commercial Use