Solar Water Heating – Retrofit to Existing Kwikot Geyser – 200 litre – Pumped System with Vacuum Tubes [Eskom Rebate T’s & C’s]

Product Description

Sol Coll Vac Wyn - 600


Intelligent Pumped System complete with Vacuum Tube Solar Collector and existing Kwikot Geyser [less than 5 years old]. The PRICE represented above is an estimation of the Installed System, site unseen, with Eskom Rebate deducted.

200 litre full system with a 20 tube collector, existing 200 litre Kwikot geyser less than 5 years old, adapter valve, circulating pump, electronic controller, thermostatic mixing valve, one way valve, a steam release valve and 2 gate valves to make servicing of pump easy . This system is suitable for a family of up to 3 people.

• Available in 150 or 200 litre
• 30 to 40% reduction in overall electricity costs.
• Payback of less than 2 years (after Eskom Rebate)
• High Efficiency Factor (Q-Factor)
• 5 year warranty on geyser and panel
We can offer a 300 or 400 litre pumped system with Eskom Rebate.

The picture shown may not represent the exact system. Installation costs vary depending on roof structure, orientation & pitch, plumbing requirements and compliance of existing plumbing & electrics. Terms and Conditions apply [E & EO]