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Solar UPS Kit – 2.5Kw Lithium-ion Battery Bank


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Product Description

3kVA intelligent inverter
2.5 Kw Lithium-Ion energy storage battery system (Safely discharged to 20%)
6 x 250Wp PV solar panels
All cabling, connectors and sloping roof mounting structures included
Pre-wired backboard with inverter and AC/DC DB
DIY Potential

  • Excludes installation
  • Cost is inclusive

Installation can be arranged in the Western Cape


  • Power consumption specification of each appliance to be used per day in watts.
  • Length of time each appliance will be used per day in hours.
  • Maximum draw ┬áie Maximum consumption of electricity when known appliances will be used simultaneously

We can configure any system for specific needs such as

  • Camping, 4×4
  • Domestic systems
  • Commercial, Industrial or Agricultural Systems