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Farm Security – Solar & Wireless – Perimeter Beams & Indoor Sensors – Complete Range

Product Description

STANDALONE SOLAR & WIRELESS – Solar powered, on cloudy and rainy days as well, charges to lithium ion batteries.
WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS – Perimeter Security, Driveways, Roads etc – The infrared detection range of the solar paired sensors ranges from 60m – 120m apart and will send a wireless alarm signal back to the solar (or wired) receiver from at least 500m (and up to 1Km) away in the event that the beams are breached (similar to the old electric eye concept)
Actual range capability will depend on the specification of the beam pairing and on the terrain.
LOWER FALSE ALARM RATE – The use of multiple solar infrared beams reduces false alarms from small animals, birds, falling leaves and from bad weather conditions such as rain, fog and snow.
SIMPLE DIY – The components are factory programmed and self-powered. Not one wire or cable.
ALARM SYSTEM CONFIGURATION – Consists of one or many paired solar wireless photo-electric beam sensors and a solar (or wired alarm) panel receiver including 2 remote controls.
TAMPER PROOF – If the components are tampered with an alarm will be triggered
The perimeter solar beams can be wired into an existing alarm.
The detection range or distance from the solar beams to a receiver can be extended.

Solar charged from indoor light, the indoor sensors can be set up with a solar or wired alarm panel receiver up to 200m away in conjunction with the solar perimeter beams. A solar radar detector can be added.

Many options and permutations are available.

Download the PDF file link in red below of the entire range on offer

Farm Security Beams – Solar Wireless – 2018 07 31 Retail

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